DeFi’ing Expectations:

DeFi network for investors & developers

Xolo Rocket is a multifunctional DeFi App offering a social incubation network for investors, teams, communities, and developers. Together, we’ll grow a community that nurtures its own.

Preparing for Lift-Off:

The Xolo Rocket Platform

With the Xolo Rocket Platform, we’ll accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial DeFi organizations thanks to an array of business support tools and services.

From physical communal workspaces, to capital, coaching, and networking connections, we’re exploring many avenues to help projects launch in a professional manner while ensuring a safe environment for investors.

The Space Revolution Will Be Digitized:

Introducing the Space Pack NFT

Space Pack NFT is a collection that will be distributed to $XL investors through the Rocket Platform. There will hereby be created staking pools where NFTs can be obtained that offer various benefits to investors when using the launchpad. It concerns the following advantages: discounts for new projects, whitelist spots, increase of your maximum investment, various community rewards.

2.8 Billion
Community tokens
2.8 Bill
300 Million
Team tokens
300 Mill
400 Million
400 Mill
Liquidity is locked on
Team tokens will be used for marketing, development, community events and charity.
Team tokens are vested over a period of 12 months.
liquidity fee
Buy on
Xolo map
Xolo Phase 1
  • DEX listing
  • Website launch
  • Whitepaper update
  • CG listing and banner ad
  • CMC listing
  • LBank relisting
  • Social media marketing push
  • NY Times Square NASDAQ Billboard
  • Financial media articles (Yahoo Finance etc.)
  • Global Roadshow Promotion
  • NFT collection launch
  • Charity donation 1
  • 5000+ Xolo Pack members
  • 100.000 USD buyback collaboration
Xolo Phase 2
  • Certik Audit
  • Xolo Rocket Platform Launchpad release
  • First project(s) launch on Rocket Platform
  • Second huge buyback
  • Billboards in Turkey
  • Start of staking and reward pool (Astro Pools)
  • Charity donation 2
  • 10+ million marketcap
  • 7500+ Xolo Pack members
Xolo Phase 3
  • CEX listing(s)
  • LaunchPad revenue paid to holders through staking
  • More buybacks
  • Second social media marketing blizzard
  • Marketing in global events
  • Celebrity sponsorship
  • Charity donation 3
  • 25+ million Marketcap
  • 10000+ Xolo pack members
Xolo Phase 4
  • Major CEX listing
  • Sports organization sponsorship
  • Mobile App release for Rocket Platform
  • Portfolio Tracker
  • Major charity donation with global organization
  • Roadmap expansion
  • 30+ million marketcap
  • 15000+ Xolo Pack members
Welcome to the
Xolo Rocket Pack
Because the pack is stronger than any one dog alone.
Xolo's, like wolves, are pack animals. Get a few dogs together and you will see the pack instinct appear. The dogs will stay close to each other, and will do the same types of things at the same time.
Where can we trade Xolo Rocket Token?
Xolo is trade-able on PancakeSwap, BabySwap and L Bank. More to come soon!
Why is Xolo creating a launchpad?
Xolo will solve the biggest problems that come with IDO and NFT launches.
What network will be supported on Xolo launchpad?
Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum.
Can Xolo be qualified as DeFi?
Yes, Xolo is a Decentralized app running on smart contracts for facilitating different transactions.
Meet The
Xolo Team
The Xolo team consists of eight members, each bringing different blockchain and crypto skillsets to the table.
Together, that makes us the perfect pack to bring you a stand-out project in the crypto space.
Xolo Chief
Co-Founder & Business Developer
Gem Haunter
Co-Founder & Crypto Marketing Expert
Social Media Manager
Investment Analyst
Back-End & Blockchain Dev
Back-End & Blockchain Dev
Interface Design
Business Analyst
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